Baking Blocks

Crafting a local brand of premium baking products.

With an earnest desire to bring quality ingredients to the local market, Baking Blocks was positioned as the giver of good gifts, making it easier for customers to give their handmade bakes.
The brand identity is designed to be a timeless mark of quality. The tittle of the  'i' is shaped uniquely and used as a distinguishing emblem applied across products and collateral.
The mascot represents the founders, a lovely pair of sisters, at work. Colours chosen are named after baked goods. The welcome mailer depicts BB staff building a cake, literally illustrating the tagline.
The basic range of packaging uses consistent type, colours and patterns to unite over a hundred different SKUs. The premium range uses different shades of brown and simple iconography to aid in wayfinding.
Collaboration with Matcha-Ya
Two labels are specially designed for the collaboration and intentionally combine the original patterns and Japanese elements for the exclusive flavours.
Special Christmas packaging
The Christmas special mint hot chocolate set uses the concept of a great match, with the labels designed in contrasting colours with illustrated bear and trees. Just like how the illustrations fit together, the products are meant to be used together and purchased as a pair.
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